Hello friends!

We’re writing with the unfortunate task of letting you in on some bad news. Following our Higher Ground show, “The Last One” on November 2nd, Madaila will be taking an indefinite hiatus.


We imagine this might be disappointing news for friends and fans of our band. It certainly sucks for us. In a nutshell - we have grown apart in terms of where we see Madaila fitting into the lives we are building as musicians and people; and need to take space with the hope that we will be able to come back together.

Some of you may have seen the “Bardo” special that we filmed with our friends at Vermont PBS and Higher Ground. In it, we talk pretty candidly about the challenges we’ve been facing as we try and figure out how to proceed from the position we are in - especially as Mark has begun to build his family. Bands are families as well, and families are complicated. We appreciate the benefit of the doubt from you that we are all doing our best to keep this group we love alive.

Right now, we believe our best chance of doing that is to take some time away. We are not exactly sure how long this will last. We are starting with a six-month break and planning to re-assess at that point. We are hopeful that things will feel right again, but we honestly have no idea.

We are thankful for the success we have had and do not take it lightly. We’ve gotten to a point that we never imagined when we were starting out as kids. In most other industries, we’d be “making bank" and this wouldn’t even be a conversation. The unfortunate financial realities of the music industry in 2018 are such that, while we have a huge fanbase at home and solid followings regionally, we are still in our growth phase overall - and that costs money. The resulting simple math raises the bar in terms of leaving our homes and families behind to tour. The economics are not the whole story but may be helpful towards understanding where we’re at.

We hope to see you all at The Last One. We plan on doing it up real big. Thank you so, so much for the deep support we have received from so many of you in so many ways. It’s kept us going.

We hope that next time we write to you, it is with happier things to say. Thank you one more time and see you soon,