Where Do We Go From Here?

Alongside being thankful for many privileges and gifts - including a child born into our band family in 2017 - we can’t ignore the scary happenings of a world that seems to be accelerating in all directions. In America, our country elected a president who forced us to take a hard look at who we are and what we do. For some, this was an incredibly new and incredibly jarring experience. For others, it was an illumination of pain that already existed outside of the mainstream eye. Where do we go from here?

There are no easy answers. Everyone has their own ideas about what is right, and how to fix what is wrong. Each of us has a fully unique experience. We are different and need to validate those differences in order to work together. As a band of middle class white men we, especially, need to think about how things have fallen into place for us in a way that is not universal -  especially in areas of race, gender, class, nationality, and disability. We aspire to be vigilant in that work.

Parallel to that is a sense - found in many religions and spiritualities - that we are one. Philosophers and mystics might ask us to examine the meaning of “we”. That is a rabbit hole for another day. But, in this song, when we say “we” are “the same”, we mean that all humans share a planet and a wild, indescribable experience. We believe that the way forward is to recognize our shared identity and come together through love. That, in one sentence, is what our new song, “Where Do We Go From Here?”, is about.

Our music helps us process how we feel - we hope it might do the same for you. No matter who you are and how you interpret the wild ride of being alive in 2018, we hope our musical offering inspires a small thought about how each of us can recognize our shared stake in global love, and about how each of us can act on that in our daily lives.

Thank you as always to our friends, family, and fans for listening to the music we make and supporting our efforts to make a living creating art.



January 30, 2018